26 Marzo 2006

«Prodi insegue i parroci ma promette i Pacs» di Carlo Fusi.

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7 Marzo 2006

"Is European identity the real issue in Italy?"

di John Vinocur.


Italy is more graciously self-deprecating and readier to admit to tolerating politics on the edge of the absurd, but the core issues of its election next month are the same miseries that Germany barely confronted last year and France could very likely slide around again in 2007.

21 Febbraio 2006

"E' sbagliato chiedere scusa ai fanatici"

di Paolo Conti. 

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The Politician and the Pope di Pranay Gupte


The world knows Joseph Ratzinger of Germany as Pope Benedict XVI, but Marcello Pera of Italy also knows him as a friend and literary collaborator.


"He's a very decent man, a very bright man, a very profound man - someone who asks a lot of questions, and also listens carefully," Mr. Pera, president of the Italian senate, said yesterday. "We are both deeply concerned with the question, 'Can a civilization exist without any sense of the sacred?'"

05 Febbraio 2006

«Ma ai paesi islamici chiedo parità per i cristiani»

di Massimo Giannini. 

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27 Dicembre 2005

«Farò campagna sui valori dell'Occidente»

di Marco Nese.   

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