27 Gennaio 2009

Ripubblico qui - perchè niente è cambiato e forse, per quanto riguarda l' Europa, qualcosa è peggiorato - un intervento che tenni a New York all' Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite il 24 gennaio 2005 in occasione della sessione speciale per il sessantesimo anniversario della liberazione di Auschwitz. 
"Abbiamo un dovere..." 

22 Gennaio 2009

Pubblico qui - per richiamare l'attenzione degli interessati al buon funzionamento delle istituzioni - il resoconto della discussione in Aula del Senato del 21 gennaio 2009 su un emendamento presentato dal senatore Luigi Zanda ad un articolo sul disegno di legge sul federalismo.

13 January 2009

Conference: "The American Model of Church-State Relations" 
The Embassy of the United States of America to the Holy See 
January 13, 2009 

Is America Turning European? 
Reflections on Religion and Society 

by Marcello Pera 

In memoriam Father Richard John Neuhaus 

I am not an expert in constitutional law and the juridical models of church-state relations. I would therefore like to address the topic of this conference from the point of view of the relationship between religion and politics or society. Are Europe and America different in this respect? To introduce this problem and raise the questions I wish to discuss, I will first devise a thought experiment, then draw the conclusions that seem to me to be appropriate, and finally advance my own view about the place of religion in society, especially in a liberal society. If I will sound dogmatic, it is not only because time is short, but also because I am so concerned about these questions that I tend to be a bit dogmatic or to believe that a small amount of dogmatism may bring about a huge quantity of wisdom and hope. 

13 Gennaio 2009

C'è l'Europa nel futuro dell'America? 
di Marcello Pera 

Un esperimento mentale può essere utile per sollevare due questioni. Supponiamo che Tocqueville potesse oggi ripetere il suo celebre viaggio. Potrebbe egli sostenere una delle sue tesi favorite, che in America lo spirito di religione e lo spirito di libertà sono intimamente uniti, mentre in Europa procedono in senso contrario? 

20 June 2008

Rome - Senator. Marcello Pera participated in a debate at the American Embassy in honour of the 60th anniversay of the Fulbright Commission 
Link: http://italy.usembassy.gov/events/2008/NIAF/default.asp 


Thank you Ken, good morning to all of you, and welcome to Villa Taverna. I am delighted to host and participate in this morning's conference, sponsored by two of the organizations which have done most to strengthen friendship and cooperation between Italy and the United States over the past several decades: the National Italian American Foundation and the U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission. Through its work in promoting and preserving Italian American heritage and culture, NIAF has established a well-deserved reputation as the leading advocacy group for Italian Americans; and the Fulbright Commission, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, has awarded scholarships for study, research, and teaching to more than seven thousand young Italians and Americans. 

7 September 2007

by Marcello Pera

1. Europe's moral crisis

I will look at the issue at hand by raising a question: what is happening in Europe? My answer is the same as George Weigel's: a crisis in civilizational morale. Let's look at the situation.