Intervista per Financial Times

14 June 2008

by Guy Dinmore in Rome 

(…) Marcello Pera, an Italian philosopher and senator who co-wrote a book with the pope when he was still a cardinal, says the two men have a deep relationship founded, primarily, on a shared belief that religion must play a central role in politics and in shaping public opinion – more than their conservative views on issues such as abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research (which do not extend to agreement on capital punishment). 

Although the Us separates church and state, there is no such wall between religion and politics, Mr Pera said. “This is a part of Us history. The US has a sense of (Christian) mission. Europe is more secularised… Pope Benedict likes the Amrican model more. What is clear that their ralationship is not personal, it is conceptual.” (…)

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